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Till prayers are answered

You know...

Desire is a funny thing

Speak it to the masses and all they think is passion 

A longing, a wanting

And maybe... just maybe they're right

Cause for a while ive thought 

Thought to myself endlessly 

Locked in my mental solitude 

And cycled with these ideas that have popped up

To tell you that theyre about you is to give you the keys but 

Damn the keys, damn the door and all its hinges 

I want you to breach my walls and fill up every corner of me with your beauty

A smile that’ll illuminate even the darkness of the galaxies 

I tell the stars to take notes from you, if not, theyll never learn to shine

Your hair cascading over your shoulder like the serenading waterfalls of the world

Your laughter... oh your laughter 

If i can consider anything the Lord’s masterpiece... lets not jump there yet

Desire is a funny thing 

Cause you’re always left wanting more 

And the image of you isnt sufficient 

I desire not to miss you but have you here, hand in hand, in my arms, 

As we speak of even topics so minuscule 

I desire to walk paths untraveled as we name them after the first thing that comes to mind

I desire to fill a book with our memories 

Never down from the climax, each chapter better than the last

Many things arise and all conclude with me thinking in that psalm... psalm 37:4

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

And afterwards all i can think is “ Lord, in your name i pray... Amen”

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