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The Owl’s harmony

Every night 

I heard the owl 

Perched by her nest 

Singing her songs of love

Repeatedly throughout the night 

Filled with such emotion, with such feeling...

I, in an act of God knows what, would stay awake

Listening...listening to every note, every syllable 

Clinging as the melody carried through the brisk air 

And for some reason imagining, wishing, dreaming that She’d sing to me

That her whistles were inspired by yours truly 

Me, just a simple mockingbird 

Chirping my tunes in an attempt to add to her orchestra 

Would leave my soul into the vast emptiness of the universe 

In search for the fit into it all

Stranded slightly off center, away from the creator enough to not see where the music meets 

I sing

I sing till my soul and heart is out of my body

Till my pulse is intertwined with the steps of my journey 

Waking up the neighbors, running as they help me in my quest

But none... none as important as my desire to rest in the achievement of my deepest fantasy 

I, a simple mockingbird,

Can only dream of capturing the attention of such a beauty as you 

A majestic creation of the heavens placed amongst us 

Singing your songs

I would kill my vocal cords in search of the song that makes you look my way 

Making a new one every night till i get it right

Till your songs are about me

And mine of you

And we sync, in a harmony only heard amongst the angels

Every night i heard the owl singing her songs of love 

As i sang along, wishing she heard me too

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