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Wow... well, this is new but I guess I'll say welcome to our space. Yes, our space. This will mostly be me posting spoken word, poems, writing and sharing views of the world. I'm going to be as raw and vulnerable as I can be. I believe through transparency there is unity and healing so why not. Disclaimer though, not everything will be my own personal views or experiences. If you go on believing that they are, I would have gone through hell and back, fallen in and out of love several times and simply have the best autobiography ever. I don't think Im that interesting. What I will do though is write experiences of others in a first person perspective. Along with feature people I have met along the way that have shaped me and will work with me on creating this space for you. So I encourage you all to please suggest content, concepts and share your stories. Together we'll laugh, smile, cry, grieve, love and fear. Make this the place where you can relate and realize those things you feel isn't only you and you aren't alone.

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