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Stranger Love

Stranger...what a harsh word

But when you hear it i want you to know i mean it in the sweetest way possible

Because i speak for my past present and future

And all three states of me scream with their hearts... That they miss you...

I don't miss someone we can see

But the someone who could be

The one that lives free, thinks deep, has perfection within her flaws...

The one thats for me

Im already fond of the memories we haven't had

The smiles and moments of laughter that we'll share

Oh sweet Jesus, those are the moments i live for

The long walks we take on those breezy nights

And the awkward moments you laugh at my jokes as if you understand even though you clearly don't

See... Stranger is just a place holder

Its a symbol of my affection embodied into a gorgeous silhouette waiting for its color

Color that will be picked out and filled in by every memory

Painting the greatest story ever told

Who lied and said picasso was the greatest artist that ever lived

Better yet

If a picture .... Is worth a thousand words

Then what if our story was an album played out into a slideshow

Flashing before the eyes of our peers

Grasping their souls in a trance, in awe for the love they just saw displayed in that major motion picture

Three words....golden... Globe... Winners

Im aware of the odd looks ill receive for writing this without even having a clue on how to picture you but if you just knew about the weakness i have for your heart and how i am 110% unashamed of it

You'll see that ... There is no stranger love, than the love, i have for you

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