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Not fine

”All fine, I'm fine”

A phrase repeatedly playing in my head

Yet drowned, Unable to measure up to the thoughts 

it tries to fight, those thoughts that surrounds it

Prayers pleading to extract this that’s draining my soul 

The leaves have started to fall crisp to the ground

Each like dreams i try to seize from fading

Tears of angels wash the wounded streets 

Ive pried open my gates 

Step into my world and see the magic 

You hold the keys to me

Stay a little longer, i have a place for your residency 

And maybe you can share that healing power you have but are unaware of 

as i lose myself looking for you and build the walls to this fortress 

Maybe you can see how my doors are off its hinges

Maybe you can enter, fix it and close it behind you

And maybe just maybe you can realize how when you ask “are you okay?” I Lie through my teeth and say 

“Dont worry... its all fine, im fine” 

But until then, why dont you stay a little longer


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