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It was at that moment

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

I know the exact moment...

its been getting stronger and stronger

its not the time you expect or are thinking of

we were merely specs of dust floating around each other

now we’ve become stars

shining, still around each other, feeding off of each other’s light

and i...

FORGET the metaphors and word play, toss these analogies

i know the exact moment

the moment you caught me

reached in with a look, a smile and some simple words and stole my heart, soul and mind

and ive been falling for you ever since

in every sense of the word my love,

ive been falling for you and i cant stop it

i wont... cause its too late

So maybe i should correct myself for your sake and say

Ive fallen for you

Kiss me goodbye im a goner

cause as i lay here in the deep of your captivity

the only mystery that remains for me is

when id touch solid ground

But as I study the pattern

and the consistency of my descent

im starting to realize

that'll never come

and me falling over and over for you

is all i’ll know from now on

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