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Did you ever...

did you ever try to find the perfect time for boiled eggs

like find a way to keep the middle good enough so its

not like eating a golf ball…7 minutes, the time is 7 mins

did you ever try to beat the microwave

you know like yank the door open with 1 second left

like you can save that second for some other time

like i need my digorno now, screw a golden crust

have you ever broken something and just…run away

have you ever gotten in a scary situation think

“oh crap I'm going to die” and …accept it?

do you ever put your airpods on while going to work

and not play anything

like “im sorry fellow train rider, i don't speak broke or


do you ever get mad at people that talk too close to your face?

if you don’t…you are the problem

do you ever wake up before your alarm

and wonder who the hell told your body that the time you set

was just a suggestion? like i have 2 more hours!!

do you ever get annoyed with uneven drawstrings on hoodies

people that are ok with that cant be trusted

do you ever find yourself thinking about the same thing over

and over

as if you were in the movie groundhog day And cant escape it?

did you ever mean anything you said?

do you ever wonder why we didn't work out?

do you ever miss me?…no no…

do you ever MISS me?…

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