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Did I reveal too much

Did you ever hear that if you speak your dreams they don't come true? well shoot 

I bolt them in, sealed into the tombs

Preserved like the pharaohs 

Forget wishing upon a star or well 

Close my eyes tight

Wake me up when they finally come to fruition 

But question is, does it count if you live for them loudly? 

Do they disappear all the same? 

left like a fist clinching the sands of paradise? 

Or do they pause, testing your patience? 

How badly do you want it?, scream it gently. Let your body make melodies as you tremble in every part. Feel it in the deepest part of your bones till you shatter for it and have no answers left to give. What do you call it? desire, craving, passion, longing, avidity, fervor? There is no word for it, not yet known at least. Are you called to show how much you're yearning before they personify in your life? 

If actions speak louder, then how do you acquire that most wanted? I wonder, if true, that if you speak your dreams they don't come true? Then Stuck at a crossroad, do you speak or do you act? How do i get there? How do i get you? My dream, my paradise

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