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Claim your world

Im simply a Columbus in a modern era

Falling for the land that wasn't mapped

Yet navigating it till he learns every twist and turn of its wilderness

Debated for centuries whether it was his to own

Or of those that traveled before him

Pushed those out while never feeling like he had a rightful spot

Where did he go?... I mean Where could he go?

What was left in his bare hands but marks from the labor invested to build a future

A future he'd wonder when he'd get to see

Enough of the comparisons

Enough of the games and secrets

Tired from my words being echoed back from these rubber walls

Never traveling to its destination as if they haven't left my lips

Im simply a Columbus, Setting on continuous voyages

Hoping you'd let me wash up on your shores

And finally claim the new findings 

Giving into each other with every detail and secret

Mending together ... No restrictions, no holding back

Im yours and you are mine

And together we call it the New World      -Authentic_ken

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